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photo tips
Photo Preparation is everything

Natural lighting is always the best setting. Take your baby or child’s photo picture near a bright window or patio door, or outside in a shaded area. Try not to use the cameras flash.

We recommend using a light colored blanket or sheet to place your baby on when taking your picture. For a more artistic look, you can use an inexpensive black cloth. Babies in their birthday suits or sleeping babies are beautiful and make great birth announcement photos. For photographing older children, you can drape a light colored sheet, or black fabric behind them (also have them sitting on it), and it will create a more professional looking background for your holiday cards or invitations.

Getting the “shot”:

Try to keep in mind the type of announcement you plan to order
And the look you would like to have. This should help you capture the best moment and right type of picture. Avoid shooting directly over top of your baby, get down to their level and shoot from various angles. You may want to take your time, let your baby fall asleep if tired, and photograph this, waking up, and then when they are more alert. Also, if you wish to have tiny feet, hands, and belly button in your announcement, please send these photos as well. Be sure to get close and make sure you are in focus.

Closer is better:

Although we will want some room around your subject to Crop, close up shots will work better. Try to make sure your subject is in the middle of your picture.

Set your digital camera to the highest image or pixel size. Make sure your baby/child is in sharp focus. We cannot correct a grainy or blurred photo. If you have a regular camera that takes film, have your pictures developed on glossy paper as a matte finish will not scan as well. We will reserve the right to call you for another picture, if the one sent is unsuitable for producing a clear finished product.

What to Send:
Please send your un-edited picture, at the highest resolution you can. Send it
an uncropped, and in a jpeg or Tiff format.If you are sending a hard copy of a photo, please mail to: 3839 Mandeville Lane, Naperville, IL 60564.